Technical Pool

The development at Massoft is on Windows platform, Visual C++ , .NET. We are also engaged in doing cross-platform development work using Mac-OS.

We have developed expertise in developing plugins using Adobe's InDesign SDK, Quark Xtensions using the Quark SDK. We have expertise in C++, C, JAVA, ColdFusion, jQuery, .net, ASP, Adobe Flex, Visual Basic, JAVASCRIPT, HTML, CSS, PERL, COM, DCOM, and POSTSCRIPT to name a few languages.

Massoft offer's meaningful business software solutions over existing ODBC compliant databases.

We are also engaged on comprehensive web development including SCM systems, using the latest technologies with Oracle, SQL server, mySQL as the database server, using JAVA, HTML, DHTML, JAVA SCRIPT, CSS, COM, COLD FUSION, ASP and .net technologies.

Quark Xtensions

Development of QuarkXpress Xtensions using QuarkXpress SDK for Windows on VC++ 10 and Xcode....

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New Standard, Faster and cheaper, modern, supports mobile devices

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jQuery according to Wiki is used by over 55% of the 10,000 most visited websites, jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library in use today.

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Extensive use of CSS3 selectors in accordance with the specification, together with jQuery and HTML5.

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Device Drivers, Plugins, TCP/IP socket programming, VC++ UI, DLLs, COM ...


Dynamic Filters, JSP, JDBC, IDE Eclipse, Java Server Faces, Struts.....

Mac Development


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jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile: Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets

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.net Framework

Windows Applications Development, Web development, Web Services, Integration ....

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