Outsourcing to India

Most organisations are feeling the intense pressure to cut costs and seize important market opportunities. India has emerged as a leader in the field of offshore development due to world class quality, high reliability, rapid delivery, and significant lower costs. All these are powered by state of the art technologies and modern management practices. More and more multinational companies are outsourcing their software to India to retain the competitive advantages. This is what the President of one of the world's largest global Trading Network for the IT aftermarket company has to say about the masSoft relationship"I believe that an efficient and productive relationship with India is a long-term advantage for our company, especially as all our competitors develop software "in house" or outsource to US firms. So I'll do my best to make the relationship as productive as possible."

India, with its 12 hour time difference with the US, provides a real time 24 hours working environment cutting down development time and the response time as well.


Dynamic Filters, JSP, JDBC, IDE Eclipse, Java Server Faces, Struts.....


Design, Development, Testing of iOS based applications using Xcode..

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Quark Xtensions

Development of QuarkXpress Xtensions using QuarkXpress SDK for Windows on VC++ 10 and Xcode....

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New Standard, Faster and cheaper, modern, supports mobile devices

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